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Observations & Images
17 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 6

The female Osprey dozed in the nest while the male kept an eye out for trouble. The male Osprey, at least for now, is very protective of the nest and is seldom very far from it if he is not in it as seen here.
The sight of a Red-Tailed Hawk wheeling in the thermals a long way off in the distance is enough to get the male Osprey out of the nest in a defensive posture screaming warning cries.
The Red-Tail wandered off allowing the male to visit his favorite perch where the afternoon heat induced a bout of lethargy making it hard for him to keep his eyes open.
Refreshed from his short nap, the male returned to the nest.
The male flew off again after a brief stop in the nest with a small piece of wood clutched in his talons.
After circling the nest he returned and moved some sticks around with the help of the female Osprey. He is quite the worker these days.
The male departed leaving the female alone in the nest with the hatchling(s). An hour later the male returned with a fish which the female parceled out to the unseen hatchling(s) and herself.


Unlike the Ospreys and I, this Cooter could not get enough of the hot afternoon Sun.
A Belted Kingfisher rocketed past heading toward the Indian River Lagoon.
This is a male Belted Kingfisher. The female has a second reddish-brown belt which the male lacks.
The Pileated Woodpeckers come closer and closer. Today one landed just above me in a dead pine tree. The red coming off the bill identifies this as a male. The female has black coming off the bill.
It turns out this is the male of the pair that is working on the nearby nest cavity in the dead palm tree which is where he flew after leaving this perch.
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