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Observations & Images
16 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 19

The male Osprey caught a number of small fish in a row today which did not do much to satisfy either himself or his family. Here he carries one to the nest.
The female for some reason could not get herself positioned right in the nest once she had this fish so she flew a short loop to land right where she wanted to be. She and the nestlings made short work of the fish.
The male finally caught a more sizable fish.
After tearing the head off the fish he flew it into the nest.
Perched on one of his favorite snags the male eyes some intruders soaring into the area.
He takes wing with his talons unfurled but he makes only a half-hearted effort to drive off the trespassers.
The intruders are four Ospreys soaring around and around in the brisk wind. The male can be seen at lower left with his talons down ready for action.
Whatever irritability the male felt for the trespassers must have soon passed for before long his legs and talons went back up alongside his body though he kept a watchful eye over the newcomers.
The male soared in tight loops over the nest which was enough to keep the other Ospreys from straying too close. The five birds orbited the nest at varying distances until finally the trespassers soared off leaving the male Osprey to land back upon his snag.


An amusing discovery was to find the young Great Horned Owl had climbed high atop a dead tree trunk. The bird has certainly taken to exploring its surroundings for it is usually found in a new spot each day though still quite close to the nest. From where the owlet is perched looking straight down and slightly to the left near the lower middle part of the picture can be seen the bottom half of one of the adult owls perched atop a snag of its own.
The young Great Horned Owl has a commanding view of the area.
Its feathers are beginning to take on the dark tinge of the adult birds.
My presence was not exciting enough to keep the little owl awake.
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