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Observations & Images
16 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 5

The first rays of the rising Sun light up the Ospreys in the nest. The male Osprey is standing at left while the female sits in the nest at right.
The female Osprey takes to the air shaking the night's sleep out of her feathers.
The male departs for about an hour to return with a fish in his talons for his family.
Once the female has the fish the male flies off.
Landing on what is becoming his favorite perch near the nest the male Osprey holds his wings open to dry off from his unseen plunge into the Indian River Lagoon to catch the fish.
The female spends over an hour feeding herself and the hatchling(s) down at the bottom of the nest.


A thrill was to find a Black-Crowned Night Heron in a distant pine tree. The bird flew off and disappeared before the Sun came up over the horizon.
A female Northern Cardinal flitted through the area. A male Northern Cardinal was visible at a distance but never approached closer though his song could be plainly heard.
Four rather quarrelsome Green Herons did not seem to be enjoying the morning as they squawked at one another and, several times, chased each other around.
A wet Green Heron shakes the water off its feathers.
The Green Heron closest to me mostly kept out of the squabbling. Note the Spider's web attached to the branch.
The Otter family stopped by for breakfast.
The Otters energetic search for food mixed with play exhibited far more energy than I can muster in the morning.
The adult Otter caught a Crab which it then passed on to one of the younger Otters seen here already holding the unlucky crustacean in its mouth.
Interestingly, the other Otters all left the favored one alone to eat its meal in peace.
The young Otter ate the entire Crab.
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