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Observations & Images
15 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 34

The female Osprey could not seem to settle down this afternoon.
One of the nestlings gets up to take a good look around.
Both nestlings are visible in this image though the one on the left is partially obscured.
The adult feather pattern is slowly becoming apparent in the nestlings.
One of the nestlings appeared to be in distress throughout the afternoon.
The nestling was constantly panting along with letting out very audible squeaks as it breathed heavily.
Eventually the nestling made its way to the edge of the nest.
The nestling positions itself with its rear high in the air.
The bird relieved itself by letting out the usual milky white stream.
This did not seem to take care of the bird's problem because it continued panting while trying to join its sibling in the mother's shadow.
With the other hatchling hogging all the shade the afflicted nestling was left to suffer in the direct sunlight.
The mother creates more shade by partially opening her wings.


A Snowy Egret passes overhead.
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