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Observations & Images
15 February 2007
Nest Building

An approaching cold front made for a terrible afternoon at the Refuge as dark, overcast clouds mixed with a chilly wind punctuated by occasional cold rain showers. The male Osprey was visible in the trees where he eventually flew out.
Passing over the mangroves he disappeared out over the Indian River Lagoon to return shortly carrying what looks to be a clump of grass or seaweed.
He appeared to be about to land at the new nest site when he suddenly veered off and flew to the old site instead.
He landed atop the tree with his cargo.
Here he remained for almost an hour through a light rain shower all the time being buffeted by the wind.
Leaving the grass atop the tree, he set out once again and soon returned with what looks like a clump of seaweed. Again he appeared to be about to land at the new nest site when he, once again, veered off at the last second.
Coming around he, surprisingly, landed with his load on what appears to be his favorite branch currently which is located almost exactly between the two nest sites. What happened afterward, and whether the seaweed made it to either nest, is left to conjecture for a heavy rain began to fall which was my cue to pack it in for the day.


An extremely distant view of the nearby Osprey nest shows the male and female atop separate snags near the nest.
In the opposite direction atop another distant snag perched another Osprey---with a Great Egret passing by---and down below is perched a Red-Shouldered Hawk.
The Red-Shouldered Hawk flew off to another nearby snag which somehow offended the Osprey which, in these distant views, made several passes at the Hawk.
The Hawk shot up off the snag each time the Osprey approached but did not give in to being chased away.
After four passes the Osprey gave up and flew off. The Hawk stayed in the area, though at a distance, throughout my visit to the Refuge.
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