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Observations & Images
15 December 2007
Pre-Nesting Wildlife Encounters

A Turkey Vulture opens its wings to the warmth of the rising sun. A number of Turkey and Black Vultures exhibited the same behavior at sunrise.
An Osprey showed great concentration as it hunted for fish in the Indian River Lagoon along the edge of the mangroves.
A surprise encounter with Wood Storks on Birds Impoundment Trail quickly became apparent that these birds were the first indications of a much larger congregation of birds.
One of many White Pelicans that appeared over the trail heading out over the Indian River Lagoon from the Impoundment.
One of the Wood Storks flushed from atop the mangroves where it was perched.
All the bird activity along the trail suddenly manifested into a large flock of various birds intent on feeding in the Impoundment. Some of the birds visible include White Pelicans, Cormorants, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Tricolored Herons, Wood Storks, and Snowy Egrets.
Many of the birds rose into the air as their privacy was suddenly violated by our appearance but most simply circled around and landed back again in the Impoundment like this Cormorant.
Two White Pelicans circle the area.
Another White Pelican rises from the Impoundment. In the distance atop the mangrove tree are a Wood Stork and a Tricolored Heron.
Many of the White Pelicans exhibited muddy bills from scooping up fish in the shallow water.
Wood Storks, a Great Egret, and a Tricolored Heron had balcony seats atop the mangroves to view the action below.
Great Egrets and Wood Storks feeding together.
A profusion of white birds include Snowy Egrets in the foreground, then Wood Storks, Great Egrets, and at upper right a Great Blue Heron and a Tricolored Heron.
The birds quickly settled down to our presence and resumed their feeding without showing any undue anxiety.
A nearby group of White Pelicans were more interested in preening than feeding.
Our appearance among the great flock spooked out all the Roseate Spoonbills but a group of them could be seen off in the distance like these three with a Wood Stork at upper left.
A Cormorant rests atop an exposed crab trap in the Indian River Lagoon.
A Tricolored Heron takes flight as we pass.
An Osprey cries out as it passes. No Osprey nesting activity was observed today in the Refuge.
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