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Observations & Images
15 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 4

The male Osprey was half dozing on what is becoming his favorite perch. This is a good spot to view the entire area around the nest.
He would snap to attention whenever anything was spotted, carefully examine the stranger and, if found wanting, he would emit loud warning cries.
The male flew back to the nest to see what his family needed in response to calls by the female.
Turns out the female needed a break. She departed once the male had landed.
She coasted up into the pines for a little relaxation from the nest.
The male did not settle down into the nest like the female does but he did seem concerned about keeping his young in the shade. He moved around with his wings open to find how best to shadow the interior of the nest.
The female Osprey soon flew back to the nest to see how Dad was doing with the kids.
Back in the nest, the female pulled a fish out from which she tore off small pieces.
The female fed small pieces of fish to the young.
The male Osprey, seen at left, spends a great amount of time in the nest now.


A curious Green Heron alighted at a distance and then flew closer to see what I was doing.
Green Herons are generally a bit shy about having their picture taken so I was surprised by the audacious approach of this bird.
The Green Heron lost interest in me allowing views of its distinctive feather patterns as it moved away.
The Green Heron fled when a larger bird came to claim the perch it was on.
A Great Egret flies in.
The Great Egret landed on the exact same perch the Green Heron had just evacuated.
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