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Observations & Images
14 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

The middle of the afternoon finds the north nest Ospreys perched close to one another below their nest.
The male Osprey eyes me casually.
The female Osprey was taking a break from eating her fish. She did not finish it until after the Sun went down.
The male was frequently seen with his eyes closed allowing the female to keep a lookout while he napped.
Invigorated from his nap, the male Osprey flew off the perch ready for some work.
He puts the brakes on to slowly descend into the nest.
He took a good look around the nest upon landing.
He moved a number of sticks around while in the nest though this action was mostly obscured by his position or the intervening branches. Here the male has a stick in his bill.
Having enough of work for the time being he flew out of the nest.
Soaring around he landed in the trees where the Osprey pair usually spend the night.
The female left her perch under the nest and flew off to join the male. She is carrying the remnants of her fish that she was observed finishing at the new perch.

South Nest

An extremely distant view of the south nest through the intervening hot afternoon air reveals the female Osprey, at right, feeding the nestling.


Observations around the dead palm tree confirm the Red-bellied Woodpeckers are using this cavity to nest in. Alas, at least for photographic purposes, like the Pileated Woodpecker nest cavity this hole is in dark shade most of the day except for the early morning hours.
The north nest Ospreys are becoming lax about guarding the nest and other birds are beginning to frequent it. Here a Red-belllied Woodpecker can be seen as it climbed all around the bottom of the nest. Other birds seen on the Osprey nest today include a Northern Cardinal, a Northern Mockingbird, and a Blue Jay.
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