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Observations & Images
14 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 17

The male Osprey carries a large fish which he has removed from the nest.
Today was one of those days when he could not abide the presence of Vultures coming near the nest.
Some days he ignores them, other days, like today, he gives chase to them whenever they stray near.
The chastisement is usually at high speeds until the harried Vulture is chased far enough away for the male Osprey to break off and soar back to the nest area.
The swift passage of the birds sounds like a taut canvas flapping in a stiff breeze.
The male Osprey, top left, dives after a Vulture over the nest.
Given the large number of Vultures around the Refuge, chasing every one that strays near can be an exhausting business.
A Sharp-Shinned Hawk swoops past the nest as the female Osprey looks on with concern.


A Southeastern Five-lined Skink sunning itself on a fallen tree trunk.
The red face and throat indicate this is a breeding adult male.
A Cuban Brown Anole.
The Anole extends its dewlap which serves the dual purpose of being a threat display and a lure for a potential mate.
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