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Observations & Images
14 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 3

The male Osprey appeared carrying a fish which he was in no hurry to get into the nest.
After repeated loops around the nest area, the calls of the female Osprey finally entice him to land.
The female Osprey started to move to retrieve the fish from the male but he flew off with the fish as she approached.
Interestingly, the female also flew off and took a short flight around the nest. Here is a rare shot of the nest without any adult Ospreys present.
She flexed her legs and talons as she circled back to the nest.
The male Osprey finally returned with the fish after a brief stop in the pine trees.
The female lunged for the fish this time and quickly took it away from the male.
The male watched as the female fed herself and the hatchling(s).
Bored with the domestic scene, the male Osprey flew to one of his favorite perches near the nest. From here he kept a sharp eye out for other birds, especially other Ospreys, and let loose loud, sharp cries to warn off any trespassers before they got too close.
The female was engaged for some time feeding the hatchling(s).
Satisfied his family was safe for the time being, the male Osprey turned his attention to nest building. Here he brings a stick in for a landing.
Another run for another stick.
Yet another stick.
And another.
After landing in the nest with each stick, the male, sometimes helped by the female, would move the stick around to find just the right spot for it.
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