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Observations & Images
13 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 32

The female Osprey greets the Sun.
A short flight has her returning with a small branch for the nest.
The nestlings are already showing signs of being nest trained. In a behavior that is becoming a regular sight, the nestlings relieve themselves by raising their rear ends high in the air at the edge of the nest and then letting loose a milky white stream just like the adult action.
The male Osprey appears carrying the remains of a large fish that he has already taken the head off of.
The male silhouetted against the bright eastern sky.
He brings the fish directly to the nest.
A family snapshot shows the two adults with one of their young. The male is at left.
The male rarely stays very long at the nest these days. After dropping off the fish he soon flies away.
The female feeds the nestlings.
The female looks around during a break in the feeding.


The Otter family, which has not been seen for days, make an appearance.
Four Green Herons were in the area throughout the morning. They all took turns squabbling with each other between warming themselves in the morning Sun.
In a strange sight, a female Red-Breasted Merganser stopped off in the middle of Jungle Trail for a rest. When she flew off she did not appear to be injured.
The female Pileated Woodpecker on the lookout for her mate.
The male Pileated Woodpecker waits to take his turn in the cavity.
After the male Pileated Woodpecker went into the cavity, this Great Crested Flycatcher hovered for a moment investigating the opening to the Woodpecker home.
The flapping of the Flycatcher's wings brought the male Pileated Woodpecker to the opening to see about his visitor. The Flycatcher flew off and the Woodpecker disappeared back inside.
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