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Observations & Images
13 March 2006
9th day of incubating

The female Osprey did little but sit on the nest today. She had a brief break when the male Osprey brought her a small fish leftover and she flew, seen here, to her eating perch.
With his mate gone to eat, the male prepares to settle down into the nest atop the eggs.

After eating, the female Osprey, seen here at left, returned to the nest and switched places with the male to incubate the eggs. Once the female was settled in the nest, the male took wing and flew off.

Over an hour passed before the male reappeared carrying, like before, the remains of a small fish.
The male approached the nest and looked like he was going to land but backed off at the last moment.
He turned around and headed back out over the Lagoon with the fish still in his grasp.
Almost another hour went by before he returned. This time he was empty-taloned.
He flew into the pines near the nest and appeared to be settling in for the night. The female would have to do without much help from him today.


A female Anhinga passed over the neighborhood today without stopping.
The oft seen Tricolored Heron stopped by to fish the water near the nest.
The Tricolor was seriously focused on catching its next meal.
The Tricolored Heron abruptly flew off in a panic while crying out in alarm as it left. Other birds were also seen flying rapidly away raising their voices in alarm like the Tricolored's. The reason became apparent as this Red-Tailed Hawk wheeled into sight through the pines.
An opportunistic hunter preying on mammals and birds alike, the Red-Tailed Hawk could pose another threat, along with the Great Horned Owls, to the success of the Osprey nest. The Hawk was only in the area for a brief time before disappearing.
Several Turtles came up out of the water. They are usually very relaxed like this the days the Otter does not appear otherwise they are rarely seen.
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