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Observations & Images
13 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

The dark remnants of Tropical Storm Alberto hung over the Refuge created twilight-like conditions for most of the afternoon. The north nest was viewed only in passing on the way to the south nest. Neither of the north nest Ospreys were seen but at least one might have been present hidden somewhere in the pines based on a few calls heard. Of interest was a Northern Cardinal perched atop a branch over the nest.

South Nest

The south nest Osprey nestling is very good at staying hidden at the bottom of the nest which is a natural tactic to lessen the chances of predation. The nestling did come into full view to relieve itself over the side of the nest while the female Osprey stands nearby.
The female Osprey left the nest for a looping flight around the area.
She landed atop a dead tree trunk over the nest. She occasionally called out but mainly sat motionless simply looking around for well over an hour.
The male Osprey abruptly appeared carrying a fish which thrashed around in his talons as he flew.
Landing on a perch near the nest the male Osprey kept a good grip on the fish as its lively movements died away.
The nestling came up out of the nest in response to the calls of the female when she spotted the male.
The female left her perch and flew to the nest.
The male, seen here in the middle, flew the now dead fish to the nest. The female took the fish from him in a simple maneuver that was almost unnoticeable. The nestling appears quite awestruck with its parents.
The male Osprey did not wait long but flew off to a perch overlooking the nest.
Feeding began almost immediately.
The nestling moves in to get its share. The female made a cry of warning from some perceived danger she had spotted which caused the nestling to immediately disappear down into the nest. This is a good sign for its survival.


A Common Nighthawk works the sky over the south Osprey nest hunting insects.
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