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Observations & Images
13 January 2007
Nest Building

The male Osprey takes a break from nest building on a cloudy morning. He was observed bringing a stick to the old nest site but soon switched to the new nest site nearby.
The rest of the morning he was observed working on the new nest site.
He approaches the tree with another branch.
The approach and landing is difficult through the limbs and pine needles.
He lands upon the branch but soon loses the stick which falls to the ground. Most of the sticks he carried to the tree ended up on the ground. Note that some branches are slowly piling up in the crook of the tree below him. At this rate it will be some time before he has a nest.
A precarious grasp on a stick heading for a new home.
Flying into the trees.
The new nest site is difficult to observe.
After about two hours of work the male was observed napping on a limb of the nest tree.
There are some new additions evident at the old nest site where branches have been piled up since the last visit. An examination of the tree top seems to suggest that a concerted effort might see the nest successfully rebuilt at this site but the male does not seem interested in this spot anymore.


A male and female Pileated Woodpecker were showing a lot of interest in the old roost hole where Pileated Woodpeckers nested last season. Here a female Pileated comes out of the cavity.
The female explodes out of the cavity.
She swooped right up onto a palm tree where she knocked around for a few minutes before flying off with the male.
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