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Observations & Images
12 November 2006
Pre-Nesting Wildlife Encounters

After a brief visit to the empty Osprey nest, the rest of the morning was spent out at Bird's Impoundment to see what might come by. The first rays of sunrise catch a Roseate Spoonbill out early.
A Cormorant wings by.
A member of a flock of White Pelicans that passed by.
A Great Egret surveys the morning from a snag out in the Impoundment.
A Tricolored Heron leaps from the top of a mangrove after prey in the water.
A Reddish Egret lands in the Impoundment.
The Reddish Egret ponders its chances for a meal.
After diving headfirst into the water after a fish, a Belted Kingfisher erupts out of the water back into the air.
The Kingfisher enters another dive toward the water after prey.
The Belted Kingfisher goes off in search of better opportunities.
Two Snowy Egrets flew in for a brief stop before flying off together.
A Tricolored Heron crosses the Impoundment.
An Osprey perched on a snag for a good part of the morning. Here it stretches a wing before flying off.
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