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Observations & Images
12 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 31

The female Osprey examines a fish dropped off by the male which did not spur an immediate feeding frenzy amongst the nest's inhabitants.
The view seemed just as important.
The nestlings come around to be fed.
The mother Osprey was not in a hurry to begin the difficult task of tearing the fish apart.
She starts to tear the fish apart much to the interest of the nestlings.
Both nestlings seemed to get equal shares.
There was not a sense of urgency with this feeding.
After several days of careful observations it probably can be confirmed today that there are only two nestlings in the nest. Somewhere in the secret history of the nest which we will never know is the story of what happened to the third nestling.
The male Osprey left his nearby perch and flew off back to the Lagoon.
The Osprey family relaxes after their meal.


A male Red-Bellied Woodpecker lands with a purpose.
He fluffs up his feathers....
....and begins to preen.
Here he does his Ed Wood Dracula impression.
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