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Observations & Images
12 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 15

The female Osprey feeds the young and herself.
The male watches from nearby.
One of the secretive nestlings is seen, outlined in green, having come up from the bottom of the nest when the male Osprey flew in to take the fish after the female finished with it.


A check on the Great Horned Owl nest revealed it was empty but a quick search found the Owls in the trees. Here at top can be seen an adult Great Horned Owl while just below it can be seen the juvenile.
According to the National Geographic Complete Guide to Birds of North America, young Great Horned Owls will climb out of the nest around 6 to 7 weeks of age and then begin to fly around 10 weeks old.
Either way it must be quite a relief for both the young Owl and its parents, one of which looks down here, to be free of the nest allowing them to spend the day in the cool shade of the trees. The Owl nest, the same as the Osprey nest, must be an extremely uncomfortable place on hot, Florida days with the sun beating down at all hours with no relief from the heat till sunset---if then.
The young Owl looks down from between branches. Another adult Owl was in a nearby tree making a family of three; two adults and the young one.
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