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Observations & Images
11 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 44

Another day of ominous weather seeming to prelude rain which never came. Something else missing today was the male Osprey who never made an appearance at all. Hopefully he is far enough away not to hear the pathetic cries of hunger which emanated from the nestlings hour after lonely hour.
The female lands in the nest from where she had been sitting atop a nearby snag. The issue of the male's sudden lack of interest in the nest is puzzling.
The female and a nestling wait for a meal that will never come. Concerning the male, it can be surmised that he has been drawn away by a group of unattached Ospreys who loaf around in a nearby stand of trees calling out to each other all day. This group, also, appears to be the same group of Ospreys seen soaring together over the Refuge the past month or so. The past week the male has been spending more and more time with these birds.
The female stands patiently in the nest.
Hunger finally forced the female to make several flights over the Indian River Lagoon to fish for herself. These absences, which can be quite long, leave the nestlings unguarded.
The female returns without having any luck at catching a fish.
Her arrival in the nest bring forth her hungry band of offspring.
After a raucous welcoming, the nestlings all settle down once they realize the female does not have any food.
The female returns again from another unsuccessful fishing trip.
She alighted upon the snag to dry her feathers.
With still no appearance by the male the female sets out again and this time is rewarded with a large fish which is received with obvious joy by the nestlings.
Everyone in the nest seemed quite satiated once the meal was completed.
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