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Observations & Images
11 March 2007
day 23 of incubation (approximate)

The ever satisfying head scratching is a popular pastime around the nest as the male takes on an itch.
The male takes wing and lands in the nest.
The female is out of the nest as soon as the male lands.
She comes around to land on a nearby perch.
Time to take on another itch.
After preening a bit the female moves to another perch.
The female then does the Osprey version of a cat throwing up a hairball. Here she can be seen coughing up a pellet of indigestible fish parts which is a routine way for Ospreys to clear their system.
The male is airborne seconds after the female lands back in the nest.
He heads out toward the Indian River Lagoon. Note the bits of grass and things still stuck in his talons from the nest.
The male soon returns with a freshly caught fish.
The male circles a few times revealing the fish to be rather slender.
He lands in a distant tree where he tore at the fish for over an hour.
Taking wing with the fish he circled the nest a few times which showed that, while he had been able to tear into the fish he had yet to get the head off.
Landing again in the same spot he tore into the fish again. After another half hour it looked like he had still made little headway in getting the head off. Unfortunately, I had to leave early so I was not able to see if he eventually shared the fish with the female or not.
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