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Observations & Images
11 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 75

The female fledgling and the female Osprey are spending less and less time around the nest. On the other hand, the little fledgling spends most of his time either in the nest or in the immediate vicinity. At the rate the male Osprey brings fish to the nest the little fledgling probably does not feel any pressure to leave.
An almost accidental video capture shows the male bringing a stick to the nest. This is one of two flights he made bringing material to the nest.
The male brings the first of a remarkable five fish to the nest in little over an hour. The little fledgling hoarded the first three of them being alone in the nest.
After bringing the fourth fish to the nest the male saw little reason to leave it so, after waiting a bit in the nest, he finally departed with the fish.
The male landed nearby where he dried his feathers then tackled the fish.

The female fledgling, seen at left, was in the nest when the male brought the fifth fish and she appeared very happy to get it. The little fledgling, probably full from all the previous fish, did not make any move after this new fish.

Unfortunately, the aggressive fledgling is still missing.


A distant view of a Magnificent Frigatebird soaring over the Refuge.
Other birds joining the Frigatebird soaring over the Refuge included the ubiquitous Black and Turkey Vultures, Ospreys, and this Wood Stork.
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