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Observations & Images
11 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

As the night gave way to day there was not much to see as a thick overcast sky grew even worse as the outer fringes of Tropical Storm Alberto drew its hand over the Refuge. One of the north nest Ospreys, presumably the female, perched quietly on a pine branch. The male Osprey was not to be seen.

South Nest

At the south nest, things were the same. The female Osprey perched for hours atop the dead pine trunk overlooking the nest. She would make a short vocalization about every hour or so but little else besides some light preening. The male of this pair was, also, not seen throughout the morning.
The south nest is, as usual, not affording any views of the nestling except for the briefest glimpse and that only once which did not amount to much. Occasionally, a soft chirping could be heard which generally occurred after one of the female Osprey's infrequent calls.


The oppressive nature of the atmosphere smothered most of the day's activity. The female Cardinal, which is frequently observed around the south nest, was about all that was moving this morning and even she appeared to have a look of concern on her face.
Black Vultures were observed relaxing on a bench under one of the pavilions along the Centennial Trail leading out to the observation tower overlooking Pelican Island. This is a new and rather amusing development.
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