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Observations & Images
11 April 2006
38th day of incubating

The female Osprey was alone in the nest when I arrived. A hot day with a wind that was not much of a relief. The female could be seen panting in the nest most of the afternoon
The male Osprey soon arrived with a fish. Interestingly, she took no notice of his arrival and kept mostly silent which is unlike her when food is winging its way in.
The male flies in toward the nest.
In quite a surprise, the female acted like the male was not even in the nest let alone with a fish in his grasp for her.
Tired of waiting for his unmoving mate to act the male flew off into the pines.
After a brief period he returned to the nest carrying the fish.
This time he landed right in front of her but aside from moving her head to investigate him she still had no interest in the fish.
Once again the male Osprey flew off into the pines with the fish.
When the male Osprey returned to the nest he was no longer carrying the fish.
This time the female Osprey flew off leaving the male to settle down into the nest.
The female Osprey flexed both her legs and talons as she flew a loop around the nest site. Sitting motionless in the nest for hours must certainly be cramping.
She alighted in the pines for a brief respite but soon returned to the nest. As observed during the past few days, the male Osprey refused to leave the nest cup until pushed out by the female Osprey.
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