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Observations & Images
10 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 43

A series of portraits of the nestlings. Here the wind whips out the neck feathers creating an Osprey halo effect.
Studying the scenery.
Alert to every movement.
Two nestlings keep a lookout in opposite directions.
A nestling coughs up a pellet of indigestible fish parts which shot out of the nestling's beak and out of the nest.
Perhaps these two nestlings are wondering where their parents are since neither was in the nest or could be seen in the area.
A nestling relieves itself over the side of the nest.
The female Osprey returns to feed her young.
Each nestling appeared successful in getting its share by hustling in front of the others as much as possible.
The meal over the birds go to their respective corners.
The male made only the briefest appearance around the nest today to deliver a fish which makes a mockery of the words of dutiful fatherhood expressed on 5 May. Later the female left the nest for some time to finally reappear carrying a freshly caught fish of her own. Whatever caused the long absence of the male has now seen the female return to fishing for herself and the nestlings.
The female brings in a rather preposterous branch as nesting material.
The branch did nothing but get in everyone's way. One of the nestlings succeeded in moving it to the edge of the nest during the female's long absence to fish.
An intruder Osprey hovers over the nest causing much consternation with the female.
The female lunged at the intruder but did not fly off the nest. This was enough to cause the trespasser to fly off.


A Red-Bellied Woodpecker investigates the bottom of the Osprey nest.
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