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Observations & Images
10 February 2007
Nest Building

Another breezy sunrise with a chill to the wind. The male Osprey has caught a giant fish for breakfast which he eats with gusto.
He must have been famished the way he tore into the fish.
Over an hour of non-stop eating ensued.
Then he could be seen dozing with leftover fish still in his talons. A large meal like this usually means he would not be active for quite some time which proved to be true this morning. He was not observed working on the nests at all. Nor did he move from this spot for hours.


While the male Osprey ate, a male Belted Kingfisher rocketed around the area while keeping up a long chattering conversation with itself.
The Kingfisher finally came to a braking-full-stop atop a snag.
After a few moments spent surveying the area the Kingfisher rocketed off again. He stayed in the area all morning.
A diminutive Swamp Sparrow made teasing appearances in the surrounding brush allowing for some quick pictures to be made.
The beautifully plumaged bird lived up to its name by keeping to the periphery of a boggy area near the Osprey nest.
A long wait at the edge of the boggy area was eventually rewarded with a Swamp Sparrow coming quite close.
Two Snowy Egrets fly by.
A passing female Osprey caused the resident male to come awake with a few warning cries. The female flew off leaving the male quite alone. The absence of a nest and a mate for the male lay heavily over the landscape.
Another beautiful bird that was less shy than the Swamp Sparrow was this Gray Catbird.
The Catbird sights a potential meal then makes its move.
Disappearing into the brush, the Catbird reappears clutching a berry in its beak.
A number of Gray Catbirds are commonly seen in the mangroves near the Osprey nest but they are usually fairly retiring and heard more than they are seen. This lone bird outlasted my attention which was considerable given the male Osprey's inactivity. When I left it was still on the same branch with its feathers all puffed out trying to keep warm in the cold wind.
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