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Observations & Images
10 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 13

Another day and another big fish meets its end on a branch far from the water.
The effort and energy expended to open the fish up is immense. Often the male tugs and pulls and succeeds in ripping off only a little morsel.
Tug-of-war with resilient fish guts.
To pass the time until the male brings the fish to the nest, the female takes a short flight and returns with a branch.
She waits patiently with the hidden nestlings for the male to arrive with their meal.
The male finally takes wing with the fish.
The female, at left, looks like she is sizing up the fish the male has brought.
The first clear glimpse of a nestling. At least two are seen. The green circle highlights a little nestling's dinosaur-like head facing toward the camera begging for food.


Part of a flock of Cormorants that passed overhead.
The trees and thick foliage around the Osprey nest are alive with little birds but they are very shy and difficult to photograph. Here a male Indigo Bunting makes a brief appearance before disappearing back into the brush.
One of two Merlins that have been around the Osprey nest the past week or so. The two Merlins seem to tolerate each other's presence but don't seem to be a pair.
The Merlins have become regular visitors.
A female Pileated Woodpecker, at lower left, hitched up the tree to find herself face-to-face with one of the little falcons at upper right. Both the Merlin and the Woodpecker eyed each other for a moment then flew off together in separate directions.
A large number of Vultures were soaring over the Refuge today. The kettle included at least one Wood Stork and an Osprey. Here a Black Vulture makes an abrupt turn to avoid a collision as the Osprey swings by.
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